Are you an Expat? Make use of our extensive know-how re. local fiscal and tax regulations! 

An increasing number of expats have found Lock Financial Advice, to support and help them finding their way into the complex Dutch fiscal climate. It is our passion, and our objective, to offer you a proper Return on Investment, by working with us. In other words, if we do our work as effective and as smart as we believe we do, you will earn your investment in our services and support back. Minimally!

We have the highest ranking with the Dutch fiscal authorities, enabling us to maximise your personal fiscal benefits, within the actual regulations, and without delay. For as long as you stay in the Netherlands. Or as long as you need us.   

Our extensive international services comprise:

  • Tax treaties
  • Local Dutch company
  • Local wage tax
  • Local income tax
  • Migration
  • Tax planning
  • Personal financial planning.

Interested in our professional, and especially very personal approach?

Give us a call (+31 (0)78-612 1638) or send us a contactform. We'll contct you by return.

Thanks for your interest. And success in Holland!